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We help you right from the planning stage of your business including a determination of the proper business structure. If your business is one that involves a high risk of being sued, you probably want to form a corporation or limited liability company in order to protect your personal, non-business assets.

Even if you will be going into business with your best friend you will want to plan for the worst. That is the time to think about scores of issues that could lead to disagreements. A detailed, properly drawn agreement that clearly sets out each person's responsibilities and expectations will go along way to avoid conflicts and expensive litigation.

New Hampshire may be a state where you "live free or die" but you better be in compliance with State, Federal and City laws applicable to your business. You will need to comply with laws on everything from discrimination to zoning.

Business begins and ends with customers. The more business-like you are, the more you will be respected. Having well-drawn standard contracts with all your customers can avoid many misunderstandings. And when the customer does not pay, we can help with your collections because your standard contract with your customer will provide that the customer pays for the legal fees if collection action is necessary.

Finally, you must attend to the "care and feeding" of your employees. Start by making sure your employment application doesn't ask any discriminatory questions. We will also draft employment agreements that address such issues as confidentiality and non-competition agreements. If you provide an employee handbook, we will help you draft it or review it to make sure you don't inadvertently create an employment contract.

Starting and running your business is a lot more complicated than just having a good idea. Call us to make sure you get started on the right foot.

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