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Estate Planning Checklist for Everyone

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Estate planning is not synonymous with trusts. They are merely one aspect. It is never too early to start thinking about estate planning—only too late. You don't need to have a lot of money to reap the benefits of planning. Here are some mechanisms you may want to consider in your estate plan:

  1. Will: A will permits you to state how you want your property disposed of after your death and who you want to take care of your minor children.

  2. Living Will: A living will expresses your wishes to your family and your doctor about life-prolonging procedures when you are in a terminal condition and there is no chance of recovery.

  3. Durable Powers of Attorney: You appoint someone to act on your behalf to make health care decisions, should you be unable to do so, or to take care of your financial or real estate affairs.

  4. Trusts: These are legal entities where someone else holds legal title of property for the benefit of someone else. They can be useful if you have a large estate or a child with special needs.

  5. Joint Ownership: If property is held as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, when one owner dies the other instantly and automatically owns the property. No lawyers, no courts, no cost.

  6. Life Estate: A life estate permits you to sell your home but you continue to live there as long as you live.

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