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Someone else's bankruptcy should not affect your credit, but up until April 2, 2003, that was the case.

Now in a class action lawsuit, a settlement has been reached against Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, requiring the companies make it clear if a person has personally filed for bankruptcy or not on credit reports.

Prior to that lawsuit, a bankruptcy notation could appear on a person's credit rating if they had co-signed for a loan or had a joint account with someone who had filed for bankruptcy.

According to the settlement, the companies will be required to amend their records and remove the bankruptcy notation from existing records for people who have not actually filed for bankruptcy, which at present they are estimating to be 2 to 3 million people.

You may want to check your credit report if you found yourself in this position.  You can reach TransUnion at (800) 888-4213 or via their website, www.transunion.com, Equifax at (800) 685-1113 or via their website, www.equifax.com, and Experian at (888) 397-3742 or via their website, www.experian.com.

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